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Sports Teams

Working under pressure is the name of the game, but the only opposition here is you and your team's ability to cooperate. Our escape rooms are carefully crafted to put your team organization to the test. 

Coworkers and Colleagues

The modern working environment can be fast-paced and challenging-- our escape room experiences put your teamwork to the test. Collaboration is the linchpin of any modern business and our Team Building emphasizes effective and efficient communication, as well as capitalizing on strengths and weaknesses.

Universities and Organizations

Our escape rooms offer students and organizations the ability to learn, coordinate, and grow. Build your skillset and test your ability to work as an effective member of a team. 

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We have purpose built escape rooms to build on and train different types of skills!

Site: 117: is designed with organizational skills at the heart of the experience. Participants will have to delegate and stay organized, while keeping other participants informed of progress.

Neon Tokyo: is designed with communication skills at the forefront of the experience. Participants will have to communicate clearly and concisely to tackle this escape room.

Our team building is offered by an award-winning lecturer and advisor. After earning his Master's of Business of Administration (MBA) from the Smeal School of Business, Mark has earned the "Teaching Excellence Award" for the 2018/2019 school year from Penn State University. He has a passion for helping his students succeed and has become an expert in his field of innovative technology and tech integration. His certification in Project Management ensures a valuable experience that can be applied to all facets of life.







(610) 419 - 0633


Our private reservations and team building are available throughout the week. Contact us to schedule and to discuss your group's unique needs!

We are available Monday - Sunday
10:00am - 9:00pm

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  • What is an "escape room"?"
    At escape.exe, we do things a little differently. We consider escape rooms to be a real-life action/adventure/suspense movie paired with the pressure of a clock and timer. This interactive experience has you solving puzzles, looking for clues, and completeing challenges in a certain amount of time. All of our escape room experiences are custom made to be as immersive as we can make them and every single experience has multiple paths, multiples choices, and multiple outcomes!
  • Can I host a Party, Can I do an Engagement, Can I do a Special Event, Gender Reveal Party?"
    Absolutely! We love special occasions and we can help make your day even better! Let us know the occasion during your booking and/or call (610)419-0633 to fill us in!
  • Corporate Team Building and/or Team Training?
    Absolutely! We offer a fun and exciting experience for Team Building. We also offer Team Training to help make your team even better! Click here for more information: Team Building with escape.exe Please contact Customer Support if there is any issue and we will be happy to help!
  • Can we do Fundraising?
    We love giving back to our wonderful Lehigh Valley community. Be sure to apply for fundraising here: Fundraising with escape.exe
  • Who are these "test subjects" and what is "escape.exe"?"
    At escape.exe, those who participate in our experiences are referred to as "test subjects." Participating in these experiences will help shed some light as to the goal of "escape.exe".
  • What is the maximum number of test subjects per room?
    While reserving your experience, you will be made aware of each and every room's maximum capacity. Note: each room differs in its maximum capacity.
  • Are there any age limits or restrictions?
    Our experiences are designed for mature audiences and adult minds. However, anyone who is 15 and under must be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 18 years of age or older. ​ Children under the age of 8 are not permitted to participate or enter the escape rooms-- no exceptions!
  • What should test subjects bring?
    Most experiences may require reading text to solve puzzles or to gain an understanding of the story behind each room. It is recommended that participants bring any optical enhancement devices (reading glasses, glasses, contacts, etc.) in order to maximize their efficiency.
  • Are Walk-Ins Welcome?
    We can no longer accommodate walk-ins, at this point in time. We strongly recommend booking online to ensure that a room is available at the time of your arrival.
  • Parking?
    Our Lehigh Valley location has parking on-site in the front of the building. Carpooling is recommended.
  • Are participants locked inside rooms?
    Subjects are never locked within the confines of any given space. Be aware, that although some experiences are "simulations" or "transfers" the only downside of leaving any space is the break in immersion.
  • How long does each experience last?
    Test subjects are usually given 60 minutes to solve any and all clues/puzzles within most spaces. Much like the maximum number of test subjects per room, you will be made aware of time limitations while reserving your experience.
  • Waiver?
    Every participant must sign the Release and Waiver Agreement. Ages 18 and over: - Participants sign their waiver before participating. Ages 8 - 17: - Participants must have their parent/legal guardian sign the waiver before participating.
  • Pricing?
    Our pricing for our private customers is simple-- what you see is what you pay, which means that there are no hidden booking fees! Our pricing per person is always changing, see our booking page for more information!
  • How often do you replace rooms?
    We are still expanding and will offer several more experiences before any rooms are replaced.
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