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We view escape rooms differently-- we view escape rooms as interactive movies or interactive video games. When you step foot into the world of escape.exeyou become the main character on a journey to experience, unlock, and discover the mysteries of escape.exe. We aim to create each escape room adventure as a work of art and each experience serves as another chapter in this world to discover-- everything is connected.

We are so excited to bring our award-winning business and our custom experiences to the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton). escape.exe is the next-generation of escape room with the latest in technology and puzzle design. Every experience has multiple endings, multiple decisions, and multiple consequences.

Our experiences are all custom built and custom programmed, in order to bring the most immersive experience in the market. From our custom created "AI", called "GAVIN", to our incredible partnerships, we want your experience to be the best we can make it.


Our unique perspectives, our computer systems expertise, our seasoned computer programming skills, and our extensive gaming history allow us to deliver an unmatched escape room experience and story. 

Are you ready, Lehigh Valley?

Image by Ash Edmonds




Explore an entire narrative universe with: 

 - An immersive soundscape utilizing PREMIUM AUDIO SYSTEMS carefully tuned to keep you engaged.

- Carefully engineered LOGICAL PUZZLES AND CHALLENGES to keep players hooked throughout their experience.

- Multiple paths and multiple endings-- the element of choice impacts the story, the puzzles you encounter, and the feel of the experience. MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

- METICULOUSLY CRAFTED SETS that transport you into the world of "escape.exe".

- An incredible ADAPTIVE DIFFICULTY system, which caters to players of nearly any skill level. From beginners to enthusiasts, our "A.I." system is designed to keep you and your teammates enthralled.


- We believe that if you pay for a 60 minute experience, that it should take as close to 60 minutes as possible. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

- A captivating and OVERARCHING NARRATIVE that ties everything together.

Image by Troy Spoelma
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