(note: this is fiction)

A secretive organization called "escape.exe", started appearing around the country. Once established in an area, they would begin their recruitment process and begin testing.

They claim to be an "escape room," seeking the best and the brightest participants. Their offerings are of the highest quality, include simulations, and travel to distant places.

"escape.exe" takes their best and brightest Test Subjects and places them into progressively more difficult and exhilarating escape room scenarios. Solving mysteries, exploring the world, completing simulations, and traveling through time are common practice.

One day, a Test Subject conquered an "unbeatable" simulation in only 47 minutes. Soon, word of this Test Subject's incredible prowess spread throughout the organization and they became known as "47". 

Fond of their latest discovery and talent acquisition, escape.exe would send a team of their most elite Test Subjects around the world and across the Solar System to partake in a slew of simulations. 

Until the situation at "Site: 117". . .



GAVIN is escape.exe's most advanced A.I. companion. He assists Test Subjects in every experience and has a keen "eye" for detail.


Physically capable and adept at tackling the most challenging terrain, TS:101 could gain access to nearly any facility. Recently recovered from an unusual mission at "Site: 117", TS:101 has been unresponsive-- seemingly possessed by the "voices."


The best Test Subject that escape.exe ever had through their doors. 47 was unstoppable and quickly became an incredible asset for escape.exe. Stripped of an identity and with a shattered world-view, TS:47 seeks to stop escape.exe as the leader of The Resistance.


An incredible, analytical mind, TS:23 was trusted with most data analytics. After narrowly escaping with their lives, TS:23 and 47 managed to free themselves from the clutches of escape.exe. Their last mission was on "Site: 117".


Obsessed with the occult, TS:03's talents are in finding and seeing solutions often hidden in plain sight. In touch with the occult, TS:03's breadth of knowledge and senses are in tune with the supernatural.

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