- Do Not Use the Force of More Than 1 Finger

If you can't move something with the force of 1 finger, it's probably not meant to move. It's always better to hazard on the safe side. If you are unsure if something should or will move, just ask us (this will not count as a hint). Do not move things like furniture pieces.

- No Food or Drink Allowed!

We do not permit outside food and drink on site!

- No Forcing Things Open or Lock Picking

- Lockpicking defeats the purpose of an escape room and can hinder the experience of everyone in the room. - Do not force things open. If something is meant to open, it will at some point in the game.

- No Smoking or Vaping Inside

Please respect our guests by not smoking or vaping inside of the facility.

- No Climbing on Furniture / Props

Our experiences do not require any climbing of any sorts. Do not climb on the furniture.

- Handle Props / Puzzles / Locks with Care

Please handle our equipment with care. Everything on site has been made with love and care to bring our customers the best possible experiences!

- There is Nothing to Touch Above Doors or on the Ceiling

There is nothing to interact with above the height of a door. There is nothing in or on the ceilings that require participants to interact with!

- No Photography or Video Recording Allowed Inside Our Experiences!

No taking pictures or recording of videos inside of our escape room experiences!


- Our Refund Policy

Tickets are Non-Refundable and all transactions are final.

NOTE: tickets that have been purchased are transferable to other customers.

Please contact Customer Support if there is any issue and we will be happy to help!

- Arrive 17-20 Minutes Before Your Reservation

Before the start of your escape room experience, we will need to brief you on the story, make sure waivers are signed, and make sure that everyone has arrived safely. Late groups get less time to complete their escape room experiences, due to scheduling constraints. Please contact Customer Support if there is any issue and we will be happy to help!

- Policy on Booking with Minors (ages 8 - 17)

Our experiences are designed for mature audiences and adult minds. However, anyone who is 15 and under must be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 18 years of age or older. If any member of a party is 12 years or under, then that party must book an entire experience for themselves (NOTE: As of August 2020, for the safety of our customers during the pandemic, all escape room experiences are now PRIVATE for no additional charge). Children aged 7 and under are not permitted to participate-- no exceptions! NOTE: A legal parent / guardian must sign a waiver for their minor/s ages 8 - 17.

- Playing a Room More than Once?

Since all of our experiences have multiple paths, multiple choices, and multiple endings, we can understand that players may want to play each room more than once.

Note: If a participant is using prior knowledge during an experience with random participants who have not played that game, then that participant may be asked to leave.

Here is a list of rooms that will require a private booking to play through again:
- "Site: 117"

- Participants Must Sign the Waiver Before Participating

All participants must sign the waiver before participating in an escape room experience. If the participants are minors (ages including 8 - 17), a legal parent / guardian must sign the waiver for the pariticipant.